Property Management

Summary of Services




  • Local Market research to ensure appropriate rent rate and fees are charged for each property
  • Advertising
    o Prepare professional listing for company website, Zillow, and multiple high profile online listing web sites.
    o Advertise in local newspapers / classifieds
    o Additional advertising options available as necessary / requested
  • Online tenant application and screening
    o Income verification and credit check with full credit report with score
    o Pricing matrix allowing higher rent / fees / deposit based on credit score and debt to income that still meets minimum standards as a tenant
    o Background check and identity verification
    o Paid for by tenant as application fee
  • Lease Preparation / Renewal
  • Move in checklist completed with tenant

Tenant Communication

  • Multiple Payment options available including E-check and credit card payments
  • Tenant portal on website with access to needed documents including:
    o HOA rules and regulations
    o Completed move in checklist
    o Signed lease
  • Maintain Tenant emergency contact information
  • Handle all tenant contact / issues as agent for owner
  • Send late notices via email and mail upon applying late fee once rent is late 5 days
  • Mail all documents related to eviction, tenant lease violations, and other issues needing documentation of delivery via certified mail with receipt.

Owner communication

  • Payment options – Mail check or ACH deposit into owner’s account for monthly net payment to owner
  • Maintain reserves for repair and provide statement showing current reserve balance and additions / withdrawals for reserves
  • Owner’s online Portal
    o HOA documents including Master Deed, Rules and Regulations, budget, etc
    o Copy of signed lease, management agreement, and move in checklist
    o Receipts for repairs and other expenses
    o Budgets, P&L’s, Pro Formas or other financial documents prepared for owner

Financial Reporting

  • Provide information needed for taxes
    o Cash flow statement
    o Receipts for repairs, maintenance, property management fees, etc
  • Maintain trust account for owners funds and tenants deposits / prepaid rent with supporting documentation / reports as required by law
    o Maintain copies of required documents for 5 years
    o Online backup of all data to prevent data loss
  • Ability to run on demand reports available through property management software

HOA Communication

  • Manage all needed communication with HOA
  • Provide budgets, financials, and updated information as available through owner’s portal
  • Coordinate needed repairs and maintenance that are Association responsibility with Association management and follow up to make sure it occurs in a timely manner.

Repairs / Expense Management

  • Insurance review with agent to ensure proper coverage and minimize cost
  •  Tax Value appeal assistance / process management if appropriate
  • Maintain list of preferred vendors
    o HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman / Small Job Services, Painting, Cleaning
    o Get multiple quotes as needed to ensure competitive pricing
    o Minor / simple repairs made by property management companies when possible
        -Additional fee to be negotiated for service, but more affordable than the cost of outside vendor
        -Wall patching, minor painting, replacing faucets, light fixtures, and other minor repairs
    o Secure discounts whenever possible
  • Semi-annual property inspections at a minimum
    o Provide tenants with 6 air filters on semi-annual visit to promote changing monthly.


  • Handle tenant eviction including tenant correspondence, court filings, and court appearances
  • Keep documentation of tenant communication needed for eviction